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Pandemic Pangolins: Systems, Science and Society

A Health Systems Science Series


Welcome to this critical engagement webinar series, in which we discuss, debate and evaluate the ever-changing body of knowledge emerging as a consequence of the current COVID-19 pandemic. This series probes pandemic innovations, responses and partnerships. 

Inspired by the image, characteristics and survival story of the Cape Pangolin, whose close relatives are found across the globe, this webinar series seeks to unpack the interconnectedness of health, humanities, environment and science, through a lens of systems-thinking. 

As is exemplified by the story of the pangolin - an ancient, yet endangered creature -  the narratives that have emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic reveal a tracery of inter-linkages:  simultaneous and persistent epidemics; protective lock-down defences, highlighting both strength and vulnerability; adaptivity and nimbleness alongside the burden of inherited and keratinized structures.  

The pangolin’s Fibonacci-like patterns evince the complexity of this crisis, the puzzles facing scientific experts, and the conundrums in our human responses.  

Hosted by the Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care, with Health Systems Sciences and the Adler Museum of Medicine, the series is open to all.  


This week's webinar

Pandemic Education in Health Science

The Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care invites you to our final session titled: "Pandemic Education in Health Science "  In this live discussion hosted by Charlene Mapukata, Clinical associate; Prof Judy Bruce, Assistant Dean teaching and learning at University of the Witwatersrand and Prof Susan van Schalkwyk, Director for the Centre for Health Profession’s Education, Stellenbosch University The speakers will delve into the many challenges and opportunities that Medical schools faced and continue to face during this pandemic. We focus on lessons learnt and the importance of teaching about pandemics in health education.
Join us on Wednesday, 25 November from 13:00 – 14:00 for this exciting talk.


Upcoming Events

Pandemic Education in Health Science
The Human Resource in a time of pandemic: vulnerabilities & strengths
Pandemics and Society – community engagements
The Endangered Pangolin: The True Story

Past Events

By clicking on the past events you can find the recordings, as well as more articles and additional information about the speakers and publications.

Counting the cost of COVID: Economy, Gender, Health

The Backbone of COVID: Primary Health  Care

Human Rights and Fighting Discrimination during Epidemics

Ethics in a Time of Pandemic

The Human face of Vaccine Trials: Bio-politics, trust, science and communication.

Pandemic Lessons from History

Pandemic Innovations

The Endangered Pangolin: The True Story

Pandemics and Society - Community Engagements

The Human Resource in a time of Pandemic: Vulnerabilities and Strengths

Pandemic Education in Health Science

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